Finally A Space for Me...Craft Room Tour!

I'm so incredibly excited to finally share my craft room!

We just moved 4 months ago.  All of my de-cluttering happened before the move.  We threw out so much stuff.  I started to think I was a hoarder.  There were lots of tears.

My craft space was shared with my bedroom for years.  Yes, I know, my poor husband.  Needless to say, our new bedroom IS A BEDROOM!

The formal dining room is now my craft room | office!  We added french doors so we can close the doors if needed - you know, when it gets too messy when people stop by. This space is long and narrow.  Here is where we started!  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Most days I would just close the door and not walk in. It's been a looooonnnng 4 months.  Remember, I told you, I'm a hoarder.
Let's get to the tour...

I had a vision.  I wanted a workspace and also a space to have friends over for crafting parties.  So the decision to NOT to include a traditional desk in this space was crazy, I know, BUT IT WORKS!  For weeks I looked for a work table, everything I found had a warehouse feeling to it.  Then I searched for a custom or vintage farmhouse table...way to expensive.  One day I was out shopping and saw this table, my first thought 'this is a dining room table', my second thought, 'my space is a dining room, let's make this work!' So, this amazing dining room table is now a crafting table!!!

I usually find myself sitting here for hours.  I can have my laptop out and work on projects all that the same time.  LOVE THAT.
On to the bookshelves.  I love how I can hide all of my un-organized supplies and inventory behind the solid part of the doors.

I use the white bins for that exact same reason.  I like to also have all the open shelving.  I'm forced to keep it looking organized.  Plus keeping it all organized means, I no longer need to spend 20 minutes looking for supplies.
I love how everything looks nice and clean, I do however enjoy just a touch of vintage.  So my trips to Vintage Market Days and to Round Top, Texas usually consist of smaller vintage purchases.   I've picked up vintage baskets
and I have also found an old window and decided to create a perpetual calendar.  (Tutorial coming soon).  Speaking of the window, we can't forget about the printer cabinet.  I wanted to add a touch of color to the space. I think this turned out perfect.  You can find the tutorial for the printer cabinet here.
Let's see, what else...oh, the floor.  I wanted a great area rug in this space under the table, however, I've already spilled paint on the tile and clean up was a breeze.  So, no rug for this space.  Yay for the tile floor and future spills.

We have more things to do in here.  And I still have boxes to unpack...this hides behind the french doors.  When they are opened no one really sees it.  One day I will open them up to find out what treasures are hinding inside.
I'm now on the hunt for new light fixture and I'm looking for a vintage door we can hang as a barn door.  Can't you see it, in teal?  I have an opening into the butler's pantry.  I didn't want to close this off during the building process, just in case one day we decide to use this space as...(clearing my throat)...a dining room.
Thank you guys for taking a look inside my craft room.  I can't wait to start having friends over to craft!  I also want to thank Angie of Country Chic Cottage for having me as part of her Craft Room Tours.  You can see other amazing spaces here.
Craft Room Tours


Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest said...

I absolutely love the table in the middle and the customization on your Alex shelves!

Unknown said...

Love this room!!! I need to create something similar. Where did you get the white book shelves / cabinets. Are they Ikea too?

Tisas Creations said...

Thank you! Yes. They are also from Ikea.

Tisas Creations said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Unknown said...

How did you make the black lettering on the white bins?

Tisas Creations said...

Pamela, here you go

Heidi Crowl said...

This is such a dream! You did a beautiful job :) Thank you for taking time to share it with us and inspire!!