40 days

My sister and I always give up something for lent. Although we are not Catholic, it always made us feel great to sacrifice one of our many luxuries in life from Ash Wednesday all the way until Easter.  About two years ago we decided to continue to sacrifice "something" for the rest of the year, we call it 40 DAYS.  We have been doing this off and on with no really commitment - BUT this year I've started and will continue to set a new goal every 40 days for the rest of the year!  YES the rest of the year.  DO YOU HEAR ME!!!!

I guess this has turned into something of a goal setting or a way to cut unhealthy habits.

Sooooo I'm so sad to say that I've given up going to STARBUCKS for 40 days...yes, I know I'm crazy!!!  The goal is to brew coffee at home everyday with my new fancy coffee maker and to save a little money.

Let me tell you it's so easy to run to Starbucks when I'm running late for work and it's really great to have someone remember your order when you walk in the door and not waste too much time in line.  Oh how I miss this...so I started January 15th and everything was going pretty well until I saw the new Valentine's Day Cups  ***DARNNNN YOU STARBUCKS!!!!***

I want the new cup and I want to play with the new app on my iPhone. {{sad face insert here}} LOL!
I will keep you all posted on my progress - MUST. STAY. STRONG!!


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Lani Derrick said...

You can do it!! I'll bring you my LOVE cup next time I go;)