my new love!!!

I love journals...and I happen to see PaperCoterie on either a blog or facebook...I thought why not give it and try to see the products.  They have several journals to choose from, you can upload picture and can add personalization...when I ordered they had an amazing my order came in a few weeks ago

For me, I ordered two hard backs and one spiral...and completely fell in love.  And you all know how I feel about packaging, right?  Well each of the hardbacks came packaged in these boxed envelopes with the logo embossed on the front...super great for gift giving~
My package also included a necklace with the logo, a cute sticker a thank you note with a coupon code for 25% off my next order!!!  WOW!

AND...I bought two birthday presents, one for Lani and one for Risa and they both loved them.  I had pictures for Risa's journal.  Now I must say I had to 'steal' pictures from Lani's facebook page.  I thought, she would either love this gift or be so pissed off that I stole the pictures...she LOVE it.  And when they opened the journals there were 12 more pictures on the inside they looked at each picture and said, "oh, this is when I was here" and "this is the picture we took when we visited there".  

It was perfect - if you need a great gift you should check out PAPERCOTERIE!  CLICK HERE TO GET TO THEIR WEBSITE...they have a special going on until June 24th

I have one more friend I owe a gift to and I think I might place another order {{wink}}

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Lani Derrick said...

I LOVE mine so much I am having a hard time bringing myself to write in it! Headed over to order a few gifts myself!