new branding update #1

I'm so happy with my new etsy banner

...I honestly didn't think I could or would ever 'brand' my business...but while thinking about this the last few days I guess I well as the new look to my etsy the tisa's creations website is currently being updated with a new look also!
And I {yes me; yep, me} have designed new business cards...I can't wait to show them to you.  I promise as soon as they are delivered I will share...

Speaking of reading blogs, and websites...most people say a small business can create a brand in six steps:
1.  create a logo   {{ I don't have a logo and for right now I'm ok with this }}
2.  business cards   {{please get these printed professionally always has a great price on business cards, sometimes FREE!}}
3.  choose a style  {{my style:  FUN, SIMPLE, MODERN}}
4.  stationery and labels
5.  choose a theme
6.  social networking {{ Facebook, Twitter, ect...all FREE so why not, right? }}
(source:   Renee C Quinn  - The Social Media Diva)
I would like to add one more...
7.  website or etsy {{ purchase your domain from someone like at a great price and if don't have time for the moment to update your website with details just have your website forward to your blog or your etsy }}

These seven items are so easy to do and a great starting place for us small businesses starting out.

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