30 day photo challenge...

it's not that I need anything else to do
my plate (called life) seems to be full of amazing things - although amazing, they take up lots of time...

BUUUUUUUTTTT...I bought a new camera that I'm so super excited about.  it takes great pics but it also lets you surf the web and upload pics to your social networks and send photos via email.  I think I'm in L.O.V.E but I still have lots to learn about the newest member of my family.  So with all that said, everyone, please meet my new camera...ooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhh
SOOOO...I decided to start a 30 photo challenge.  yay, whooohoooo
I could not do this all by myself, right??  So I called my awesome twin sister and begged (not really)
...she was all for it.  Because although I think my camera is amazing...my sister's camera is the monster of cameras.

yesterday was the first day:
photo challenge day#1:  self portrait
Here it is...hahaha
if you only knew I came from from dinner and put on make-up for just this picture.  
funny...funny, have a great Thursday!


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