Friday Letter - March 15th

dear spring break:  you few by so year I must plan something special for my kids

dear honey:  I'm so proud of you - always

dear craftcation conference:  6 more days!!!  Do you hear me!!!  6 more days!  Next week at this time I will wake up and take a walk on the beach and then attend a conference to help me grow my business, what more can a girl ask for?  can't wait to give out the KEEP CALM AND CRAFTCATION ON BUTTONS I MADE!

dear risa:  yes, next week I promise to call you every morning to remind you I'm on the beach in California - payback!

dear lani:  ready?

dear new texas shaped necklace:  I really do love you, really, I do.

dear waist:  what's seems like you are getting a tad smaller...maybe giving up wine is paying off - who knew?

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Lani Derrick said...

I was wondering if I would make the final cut this week! Ready> Heck yes!! You should see the "packing" I have going on. lets do this!