Friday Letter - March 29th

dear honey:  so proud of you.  Thanks for all you do!  I love being happy!

dear kids:  when I get a bonus, you get a bonus in your allowance.  Yes, I still take hugs and kisses for thank yous.  You both did a great job while I was gone last week.  And  the past few months have been a HUGE adjustment for the entire family.  You both handled it like champs.  I love you!

dear risa:  yep...just go for it!  The 1st steps are the hardest.  Can't wait to see you later today!  Homeslice for dinner is on the agenda!

dear lani:  I will never forget being at the airport with our bags open unpacking them trying to get under 50lbs.  I hope no one was offended seeing my bras!  #funtimes #cantwaitforthenextone

dear craftcation:  you were great!  thank you for the semi-vacation.  I learned lots and loved Ventura!

dear united airlines:  thanks for getting me home safely, but the flight from Santa Barbara to Denver really did suck! #callingcustomerservice

dear adult beverages:  welcome back into my life.  I can say, I've come to no longer loving you.  I'm just crushin' on you a bit!

dear new schedule:  you kinda still suck right now.  But I have my ways of making you work better for me.  You just wait and see.

dear new job/boss:  hummmmmmm, not so bad.  I guess working hard working your butt off pays in the long run!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Lani Derrick said...

I really was a memorable trip! I sent a 1 page complaint to united!