Back to School - Teacher Gift Guide

OMGosh!  I can't believe school starts in one week.  My kids are older.  As a matter of fact, my oldest is a senior this year and my youngest one, yep a 8th grader!  Summer was great, they are able to stay up late. We don't give them a bed time in the summer and they can sleep as late as they want - the life, right?  I'm sad my kids are older and I do miss elementary school when I used to spoil my teachers with awesome gifts. Now that the kids are older I don't get close and personal with every single teacher {sad face goes here}

I've searched Etsy and found the cutest teacher here it is...

Just My Little Mess Back to School Teacher's Gift Guide

Hand Written Embroidered Initial Necklace
by the merriweather council

This is such a beautiful piece, I had to include it in the gift guide.  Necklace is hand embroidered with ANY initial in either uppercase or lowercase.  Perfect for any teacher or administrator!  

Personalized Teachers Gift Towel Printing Paper School
by kakabaka

This towel has an initial in a classic font in lowercase print, hand cut from designer black and ivory pin striped fabric. Old school printing paper is created with ribbons and embroidery thread.

Apple Cozy by My Knoodle Knits

Adorable little Apple Cozy a unique way to gift wrap your apple and protect your fruit from bruising.  These come in so many fun colors, I couldn't resist!

Personalized Stationery Gift Set
by nickwilljack

These personalized cards are great for sending a note home, thanking volunteers, and for thanking little ones. Make this gift set even more special by including a handwritten note from your child. All packaged up in a fun little bag and this gift is ready for giving.  This one made me wish my kids were still in elementary.  

Personalized Library Book Stickers - set of 12
by LITTLEbeane Boutique

These stickers are so cute and great to use for labeling all of your books. It's an extra special way to personalize your special library collection and to remind someone who to return your book to. Use them for your own works or use them for all of your children's books. They are even great to give as a gift to a new mother to put on all of her baby's first books she receives.

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