My first thoughts were:
I'm nervous
Did I get everything laid out?
I'm excited
Not sure I want to do this
Not sure what to do
Should I pee?
Oh yeah, I should take a picture

ok...it's time to start
I think I'm more than half crazy

OMGosh!  They just started the race and it's time to gooooooooo!  Ok, I'm running In. A. Race!  Ok you're going to fast, slow down…

Mile ONE:  I'm good!  I don't think I started to fast.  I feel good.

Mile TWO:  ok, I might be going a little too fat, ok, let's slow down a bit.

Mile THREE:  ok, only 10.1 miles to go, CRAP - 10.1 more miles?!?!!!!!

Mile FOUR:  A hill - ok, it's not too bad, I've trained for this!

Mile FIVE:  We are still going up...ugh.  After mile FIVE we should be ok, right?

Mile SIX and SEVEN: A blur

Mile EIGHT:  I didn't see the mile marker because I think it was invisible - I did hit it…yeah it was my WALL, the one everyone talks about.  You know the one that knocks you on your a$$?  Yeah, you know the one you think you might be prepared for.  OH NO!!!! NO!  NO!  NO!  I just wanted to take my shoes off and sit down in the street, call my husband to pick me up.  I almost cried.

Miles NINE and TEN:  I'm going so, so slow.  Where is my breath, I can't find it.  I think it was stolen from me by all the people passing me.

Mile ELEVEN:  I'm better - OK.  I'm better. I started talking to my legs...are you starting to cramp, please don't do that.  Then there is a slight hill, just keep moving...I think I might be able to go just a little faster.  Crap, breath, where are you?  I thought you were with me.

Mile TWELVE:  Yay!  Mile 12, where have you been?  Oh, waiting for me?  Sorry it took me so long.

Mile THIRTEEN:  Lucky, lucky 13!  oh wait, I see my family, they look awesome, I want to cry but I want them to see me strong, but I'm too tired to look strong.  It's so awesome to see them.

13.1! People are cheering - wait they are cheering for me, but I don't know any of them.  I don't know you, why are you cheering for me, oh, you want to give me a high five?  And you, and you, and you?  WOW!  I'm smiling, I'm happy, I feel stronger - I'm throwing out high fives left and right!  WOW!

Angela - my running partner just told me to give it all I had when I go through the finish line...I thought - "wait I have nothing more to give."  Then I thought, "well I've come this far is there anything left in my fuel tank?" And there it was just a little bit more energy to finish strong (well what I thought was strong).

I FINISHED!  Oh my I just stepped over the finish line...the energy from the crowd is amazing!  And as far as my engery level...completely gone.  And oh, there is my family again and I see my best friend with her husband.  I hug her and I can't let go and I smell horrible - but I can't let go.  I hold her hand, we walk hand and hand to pick up my stuff.  She doesn't let go.  I don't either.  I finally take my shoes off...feels so good.  And oh, I have a metal.  It's pretty nice.  It's heavy and it shimmers.  Do this again - NO! I hurt too bad.

My daughter is the sweetest thing ever , she had the cutest poster with a gift box attached.
I'm so loved by this family of mine, this is what my family purchased for me.  And on the back it says "We knew you could do it!  We love you"  My first thought was, I didn't even think I could do it.  You can find these Inspired Endurance

And then I ate onion rings went home and went to bed

So since the race I've talked to my coach and we are looking for another half marathon to run.  I know, I said NO on race day.  So with all that said, I've found out that I do love to run - I'm not sure how I feel about running races - I think I might have a love hate relationship for them for a while.  But I will be sure to post about my training and my next race.

Thanks for taking this ride with me.

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That's was awesome!