Friday Letter - May 16th

I cried a lot this week

I cried for the sweet little red headed child who has gone to heaven way too early - you can see more about his story here

I cried because I see my children grow into little adults and I know it's time to let go a little more

I cried because we went to get my son fitted for his prom tux

I cried because my daughter attended her 8th grade formal and she wore the cutest heals

I cried because I still can't run due to my small injury

I cried because my 'real job' stresses me out

I cried because most days there isn't enough time in a day

I cried for all of the things I should be thankful for.  The health of my family and the love I receive from them all

I cried because I wish I would hear from people I love just to hello instead of only calling when they need something

I cried because I'm stressed out

I cried because after all of that...I remembered to breathe.  And I know with all of my heart everything will be fine.  I breathe and I know next week will be better.  I breathe and remember that breathing let's my body know everything is fine.  Just breathe
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Jessica Pierre'auguste said...

Tisa! You are growing amazing children! And you're doing such great things with your small business!
I am so proud of you for becoming a runner. Injuries and taking forced time off are frustrating, but take time to heal yourself so you can be stronger and faster soon.
Relax this weekend and get ready to have a wonderful week up ahead!