SNAP Thrift Store Tour Recap!

what a great way to start off a fabulous blog conference.  I believe it was meant for me to go on this field trip.  the tour filled up while I was at work the first day registration opened - I waited and waited and waited to see if someone would drop so I could slide in and take a spot...yeah, no luck.  so, the first night while in Salt Lake City, my roommates and I are getting settled in and I just happen to look at the SNAP facebook page...someone can't make the tour!!!  WHAT!?!?!  I got a spot.  I can't believe it!  So exciting and the next morning it was confirmed an hour before we were to leave!

the hashtag for the tour was #thriftstorepartybus ?  party bus!?!  Yep a bus.  how exciting!!!

it was so fun to sit back and take in all the views salt lake city had to offer.  the first place went was called eruo treasures.  if you are in salt lake city, you must stop here.  the owners were so super sweet and great to work with.

the awesome brooke with all things thrifty led the tour - she blogs here 

we had time to take a quick picture before heading in and when we did go in...OMGosh the chairs...all. the. way. to. the. ceiling!  AMAZING!!!  there was dust and dirt everywhere!  it was sooooo super great and then...I found my baby.  a letterpress tray...old, dusty, amazing, I had to have it.  well,  I really wanted all 8 but I wasn't sure how I could get them all on the plane back home.  I can't wait to create something amazing with it!

then we went to the cutest little re-sale shop.  and I found this R for my favorite sister - my only sister! my twin sister collects R's - so, when ever I see one, I purchase it.  I think she will like it.

I have a SNAP conference post coming next week, hope you enjoyed and will come back.  thanks for stopping by
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