Desk Makeover with Royal Design Studio

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Royal Design Studio, however all opinions are my own
I decided I would give my desk area a makeover.  I wasn’t sure how to approach this at first, but then I remembered how I loved  Royal Design Studio Stencils.

Stencils?  I know, I know.  I thought the same thing.  This will not work – I thought my work would look sloppy.  I have never had a great experience working with stencils, my paints usually bleed under the stencil making for lots of touch ups and sloppy work.  I seemed to get frustrated.  But I met this company last year and I liked the product.  The stencils seemed easy enough to use and I loved the larger sizes, the quality and thickness of the stencils.  And the crèmes are so smooth and thick.  So I thought why not give them a try.

Here are the items I used for my project.   
     Honeycomb Allover Wall Stencil
     Pearl Oyster Stencil Crème
     1.5” Stencil Brush
     Blue Painters Tape
     Good Quality Paper Towels
     A Paper Plate

1.  I needed to paint my wall, I just used the white paint we purchased for our house.  I had to say goodbye to the green wall...

2.  The instructions are so easy.  I lined up my stencil using blue painters tape per the instructions included in my shipment.

3.  I poured a small amount of Stencil Crème on my paper plate and added a little to my stencil brush.  I removed the access on the paper towel and applied the paint in a circular motion.  With this large pattern, I found it easier start in the middle and work my way out.  Just in case I added too much paint to my brush.

I’m so happy with the results, I love the Pearl Oyster Stencil Crème and plan to use it again and again.  I used the 8 oz jar and didn't even use half the bottle. I had no paint run under the stencil  which left my project with straight lines and I simply love it. 

Here are the results.  I'm happy!

Here are some amazing Resource Links:
How to Stencil tutorials and information on Royal Design Studio site
Basic Brush Stenciling Tutorial with Royal Stencil Crèmes

List of accessories
Lamp - Target clearance
Gold Canvas - DIY
Pencil Holder - Ikea
Gold Box - Target (holiday 2013 collection)
Wooden Sign - I Love Indigo
Gold Notebook - Poppin
Gold iPad Cover - Best Buy

I hope you enjoy, please share any stenciling tips you might have.


Risa RJ said...

This is awesome! Great job.

Michelle James said...

That looks amazing. Great job with the stencil and I am in love with this desk area but I think my favorite part is the vase full of washi! LOVE!

Unknown said...

This looks great!!! beautiful redesign

Vanessa said...

How absolutely gorgeous is this?! Love that pearl paint!

Nicola said...

i love this desk but what I would really like to know is where you got the blackboard print eg smarter than you think etc I have a daughter in uni who could really do with this message to look at now and then

Unknown said...

This is absolutely fabulous!