tisa's favorite things: day 5

Easter candy
Photo:  Martha Stewart

growing up Easter was huge in my family.  my mom would spend so much time picking out new perfect clothes for church and easter baskets for all of us.  we would go to church and then head to my grandparents house for lunch and an amazing Easter egg hunt.  Wow…the memories.

I do remember hating any candy with marshmallow and all black jelly beans.  yuck!  in fact, I still really just don't like them.  yes, I don't like peeps.  sorry everyone.

I do, however,  have a few favorites.  here they are

hershey miniature candy bars - yum!

reese's peanut butter EGG!

I can not get enough of these - laffy taffy jelly beans.  
I went to one target and they were completely sold out, went to another target they
 only had a few bags, I purchased three - eek!

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