tisa's favorite things: day 21

{things making me happy today}

I've had a stressful couple of weeks and I'm surrounding myself with things that only make me happy. Here are a few of my faves!

Starbucks Straws - Summer Collection
I'm so in love with these straws, really I feel like using these make my water taste better

Studio C Laptop Cover - I purchased this a few weeks ago and I smile each time I reach for my laptop.  So much color - so much fun! (and it's almost 50% off at Best Buy)

If you have not had this tea, you much try it - I think I've drank a 2 gallon in the last 2 days.  So yummy.  

I still must work, right?  And right now I'm in love with Levenger Dotted Paper!  I use this for my corporate job and I find myself taking better notes and staying a bit more organized.  It's just a preference, sometimes I want to write small - other times larger.  I don't feel limited with dots and my writing is still perfectly in line.

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