DIY Perpetual Calendar

hi everyone!  I'm am sooooooo super excited to share this project with you.  I absolutely love the design and colors and what's even can make one yourself the printable is free (for personal use)
I love paper, everyone knows that but calendars come a close second.  And what a fun way to keep up with busy days than with a fun and easy DIY perpetual calendar?!?!  You are able to stack the magnets one on top of another so you don't forgot important dates. 
I've have included the following on the printable
 - days of the week
 - all 12 months
 - dates 1-31
 - blank circles
 - 5 notes circles
 - 5 TO DO circles
 - 5 goals circles
 - 5 play date circles
 - 5 girls weekend circles

You only need a few supplies to get started...but it's really easy.  You can find the printable, the supply list and all the instructions, including an easy to follow video HERE.
This project was created for My Printly.  To find more creative ideas click below.

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