Desk Organization: Big TO DO Notepad

Meant to be Sent has some of the greatest stationery products.  I've purchased a few notepads from them and let me tell you....the paper stock, the gold edges...I love everything.  I purchased a notepad called the Big Ta Do Pad List.  "This is no ordinary notepad, it's oversized, measuring 7 X14 inches, gold edges, and on heavy paper stock.  The days of the week are perforated into sections for easy on the go lists or keep them all together to see your week at a glance.  

photo by:  Meant to Be Sent

So my problem?  I have a small work area and I really can't have this on my desk.  So I thought I could maybe hang it on the wall.  Here's how I did it.  

I measured the pad with a ruler to find the middle. 

Mark the center and drill the hole. 

 I sanded the hole just a little to make the front of the notepad smooth, and then just hung it up on the wall in front of my desk.

This was a super easy project and I can keep my favorite notepad at my desk without taking up space directly on the desk.  This is not a sponsored post I'm just sharing something I adore and I hope you will too.  Head on over and take a look at other Meant to Be Sent Items.  Have a great Thursday!

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