Emergency Card + First Aid Kit with Xyron Laminate

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Xyron has amazing products - well, we all know this already.  One item they carry I don't use enough personally is the Double Sided Laminate.  And boy, I needed it this week to create an Emergency Card Card for my daughter heading off the college.

The best part about this laminate, no need to bring out a huge machine waiting for it to warm up.  You just simply add the cartridge into the Creative Station and go!  It's that easy.

Seriously, let's be honest of a moment, I'm a mess.  Preparing to take a child to college brings along an out burst of emotions.  I found myself creating lists and lists of all the things she needed for her dorm.  And then the shopping started.  (There is crying, but that comes later.) I took a step back and thought, what happens if she gets sick?  Or has an emergency?  Yes of course she has her insurance card, but I wanted her to know where she could go if she didn't feel well or had an emergency.

I created this college emergency care card.  It includes information for the Campus Health Center, as well as the nearest Urgent Care Center and of course her insurance information.  I created two, placed one in her first aid kit and the other we taped onto the back of her apartment door.
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This project is pretty simple and I created it in just a few steps.  Here are the supplies you will need:
Xyron Creative Station
Xyron Double Sided Laminate (I used the 9-inch cartridge)
First Aid Cut Out made from vinyl
Paper Cutter
1.  Cut out an emergency symbol in vinyl using a Cricut Maker or similar machine
2.  Place the cut out on the plastic container
3.  Create and print the emergency care card
4.  Trim to size
5.  Place the Xyron Double Sided Laminate into the Creative Station
6.  Run it through the machine and trim.
7.  Add card and all the care items into the container

I absolutely loved creating this project.  And while getting ready for college is exciting, decorating the room is fun, creating an emergency plan is one of the safest things you can do for your child.

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