friday letter

I found this on Lani's blog It's My Life Blog and loved the idea...

so here goes, my first friday letter:

dear honey - I love you!  thank you for allowing me to be needy.

dear rdchristophe (on etsy) - welcome to pintrest.  I thought it was so funny you reached out to ask to be invited - thanks for liking my I LOVE YOU MORE THAN PINTREST CARD.

dear people who speed through school zones - PLEASE STOP IT!

dear dog next door - I wish your owner would walk you and spend more time with you so you would not bark all day long.  you are really making my work from home days awful!

dear anthony (my son) - I'm so proud of you!

dear kayla (my daughter) don't grow up too fast, you make me nervous.

dear ellen degeneres - I love your show - thanks for helping people in need and for the laughter.

dear susan b koman foundation - thank you, because it's really all about cancer screenings, right?

dear starbucks - I miss you...

dear tisa's creations facebook fans - thanks for an awesome comment sale this week.

dear friday, thanks for coming so quickly this week.



Lani Derrick said...

Great Friday Letters post!

Ashley Slater said...

great letters, thanks for linking up! I love the ellen show too---please tell me you saw sophia and rose (the two little girls) on her show yesterday?!


Alyssa said...

It did come quickly, didn't it?! I'm so glad!

Unknown said...

Great letters! Oh no, sorry about the dog next door! Yikes, I hope that gets better soon! I can totally relate!