DIY gold striped pencils

This is a super quick, super easy project…you only need three items. 

 - stray paint (I happen to love Rust-Oleum)
 - painters tape
 - pencils

1.  tape your pencils.  I taped mine in an easy striped pattern.  to make it easier I used a scrap piece of tape in between each stripe to make sure they were all even.  don't forget to cover the eraser.

2.  place the pencils up right - I used a box laying around.

3.  spray.  let dry a few minutes and turn the pencils and spray the other side.

4.  remove the tape as soon as the paint is touchable.  

we also made a mason jar to match - it was simple, tape off what you don't want to paint and just spray, let dry and simply remove tape.  

thank you so much for stopping by.  hope to see you back next week for another amazing, simple project.  

disclaimer:  this is not a sponsored post.  i did not receive any free products for this project.  these options are all mine.  feel free to contact me at tisascreations@gmail with any questions or concerns.  

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