National Running Day

Happy National Running Day - 2015

Yesterday was National Running Day - did you get your miles in?   I didn't run miles but I did go to boot camp in the morning and then yoga in the evening.  Before last week I had not run in about 25 days.  Life has been beating me up pretty well.  For last couple of weeks and I just needed a break.

 People ask me all the time...WHY DO YOU RUN?  Here is my answer. 
FOR TODAY running gives me energy.  Running makes me a better mom, I have more patience with my kids.  It makes me a better wife.  When I run for long periods of time, I start to think.  I can't fix the world's problems but I can work through most of mine.  I also get lots of creative ideas.
FOR THE FUTURE, I would rather pay for new running shoes or race fees than emergency room co-pays or office visits and prescriptions for issues that are (for the most part) preventable.  I don't really want to deal with diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart disease or even stroke.  I will run as long as my body lets me.

I post my runs on Facebook and Instagram and I'm sure some people can't stand to see my posts, but let me tell you, it feels really good when I meet up with friends and family and they tell me they have started some kind of exercise or ask me about my next race - all because they see my posts.  Makes me happy!  Keeps me motivated. 

Disclaimer: I'm not that skinny runner who can run a mile in 7 or 8 minutes and runs in a sports bra and shorts.  And I will never be that person.  But, I am, finally, happy with who I am.  I still have a love | hate relationship with running and I still a long way to go as far as my fitness goals - for now, I won't have it any other way.   

Do you run, attend boot camp or yoga?  

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